‘Giving babies with spina bifida a chance’

Image caption Ruth with her mum, Jacquie One in every 1,000 pregnancies in Britain is affected by a spine or brain defect such as spina bifida. Actress Ruth Madeley, who herself has the condition, looks at how things have changed since she was born, 31 years ago, and the groundbreaking surgery that is now possible … Continue reading “‘Giving babies with spina bifida a chance’”

Why suntan lotions don’t work for most

Image copyright Getty Images People are getting less than half the sun protection they expect from suntan lotions, according to research. But the problem isn’t the lotion, it’s our slapdash application of it, King’s College London scientists say. In theory, using sun protection factor (SPF) 15 sunscreen should be enough to stop sun damage. But … Continue reading “Why suntan lotions don’t work for most”

Antidepressant prescriptions for children on the rise

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption More than 950,000 antidepressants have been prescribed to children since April 2015 The number of antidepressants prescribed to children in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland has risen over the past three years, figures obtained by BBC’s File on 4 reveal. In England, there was a 15% rise. Scotland saw … Continue reading “Antidepressant prescriptions for children on the rise”

Parents of premature babies face a further trauma – PTSD

Image copyright Science Photo Library Suzanne Ruart’s son Aiden spent three months in a neonatal unit as a result of being born three months early. A year after her son came home Suzanne realised she’d been suppressing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “After the first time I saw him resuscitated I developed a crippling … Continue reading “Parents of premature babies face a further trauma – PTSD”

Opioids: Why ‘dangerous’ drugs are still being used to treat pain

Image copyright Getty Images The widespread use of opioids to treat pain frequently prompts concerns about addiction and even deaths. So, why are these sometimes dangerous drugs still being given to patients? Much stronger than many of the other options, opioids are among the world’s most commonly prescribed painkillers. These drugs – including morphine, tramadol … Continue reading “Opioids: Why ‘dangerous’ drugs are still being used to treat pain”

Low NHS morale is ‘heartbreaking’ says Matt Hancock

Image copyright Getty Images Seeing how NHS staff feel “undervalued” is “heartbreaking”, the new Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said. In his first speech since taking the job, Mr Hancock said he was horrified at the level of bullying reported by staff. The British Medical Association welcomed the sentiment but said it needed to be … Continue reading “Low NHS morale is ‘heartbreaking’ says Matt Hancock”

IVF: NHS couples ‘face social rationing’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSarah Dean was told she was not eligible for IVF on the NHS as her husband has children from a previous relationship The parents of the world’s first IVF baby – born 40 years ago next week – would not have got the procedure on the NHS … Continue reading “IVF: NHS couples ‘face social rationing’”

Morrisons ‘quiet hour’ for autistic shopping introduced

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionBBC Breakfast’s Tim Muffett goes shopping with Joanne Tang and her son Oscar, who has autism Supermarket chain Morrisons has introduced a weekly “quieter hour” for autistic shoppers who struggle with music and noise. Its 439 UK stores will dim lights, turn music off, avoid using the … Continue reading “Morrisons ‘quiet hour’ for autistic shopping introduced”

Thai cave rescue boys relive ‘moment of miracle’

Image copyright EPA Image caption The boys’ appearance before the media is meant to be a one-off One of the 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand this month has described the “moment of miracle” when divers found them. Adul Sam-on, 14, the only member of the junior football team who speaks … Continue reading “Thai cave rescue boys relive ‘moment of miracle’”

Kent and Medway NHS hernia policy ‘may be rationing’ surgery

Image caption Surgeons say the only curative treatment for groin hernia is surgery Groin hernia patients are having to “prove their pain” and show they have complications to get surgery, the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has said. In Kent and Medway, patients are having to show their hernia has grown larger or become “incarcerated” … Continue reading “Kent and Medway NHS hernia policy ‘may be rationing’ surgery”

Hot summer leading to ‘toxic’ algae

Image copyright Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Image caption A freshwater ecologist says blue-green algae had been a particular problem this summer Potentially toxic algae is blooming in rivers and lochs during Scotland’s long, hot summer, scientists have warned. Blue-green algae, which poses a health risk to humans and animals, has flourished during the warm … Continue reading “Hot summer leading to ‘toxic’ algae”

Heatwave causes spike in insect bite calls to NHS

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe horsefly slices a small cut in your skin and soaks up the blood Although many of us are enjoying the balmy temperatures of this year’s heatwave, unfortunately for some, biting insects are flourishing too. Calls to the NHS helpline 111 about insect bites are almost double … Continue reading “Heatwave causes spike in insect bite calls to NHS”