Bon Jovi Was Contemplating Breaking Up Until He Saw A House For Sale

Thirty years is a long time for anyone to stay together, much less an entire band. So after over 3 decades of making music is Bon Jovi about to split up? According to the rock legend they were about to do just that, until he opened a magazine and saw a simple ad.

Bon Jovi

“I was thumbing through a magazine questioning the future of the band…and I came upon this picture of this stone house with deep roots; that was it. This soul…this house is not for sale,” he told a crowd in Dallas.

Stone House

Bon Jovi has been rocking since 1983 and with only a couple exceptions he still tours with his original band. Many people have never known a world with out Bon Jovi. Are we Livin’ On A Prayer that we’ll always have Bon Jovi? Maybe, but the band is still making music and just released a new album last year. They still tour and perform to sold-out venues, but if they’re coming to your town you might want to scoop up tickets – they may not be around forever.

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